Young Artist Competition

Montana’s young musicians vie for a chance to perform alongside one of Montana’s orchestras in this bi-annual competition.
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We are funded in part by coal severance taxes paid based upon coal mined in Montana and deposited in Montana’s cultural and aesthetic projects trust fund.

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Montana Symphonies

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Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras

Advancing the Orchestral Experience in Montana

For nearly 40 years, the Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras has been dedicated to supporting, preserving and promoting orchestral music as a part of Montana’s cultural community, now and for future generations. Through resource sharing, advocacy, marketing, music education, and community outreach, Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras seeks to provide excellent community service to our membership and support vibrant, artistic concert and education experiences for audiences across Montana. We are committed to providing leadership and working collaboratively with our member symphonies to enrich the lives of all Montanans through orchestral music.

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A gift to Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras helps us continue our part impacting Montana’s communities through high quality orchestral music.
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Biannual Conference

Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras members converge for an annual conference centered on professional development, networking, and the shared love of orchestral music.
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